Chapter 36 Thunder lore

Ray TC sneer at a "charge? Elder punishment, you’re not crazy, are you? My duty is to protect the patriarch of Zongtang. What is the crime of killing the traitor of Zongmen? On the contrary, Elder Punishment, you won’t collude with a traitor with the intention of rebelling against the clan, will you? " "Ray

Although this is the first time we have just met, Lu Yixuan can conclude that sb’s wild play must have been calculated that he would ambush himself here if he had to die.

After the widow’s death, there is only one wind-up left. It is not too big to wind it up at this embarrassing time, especially when she directly faces two enemies like wolves. And because the clockwork flashed, it was time to avoid Park Yoon-hwan’s gank just now, and now I don’t even have a chance

This woman is dressed in lavender clothes, but the patches that don’t show up in the body prove the fact that she is a middleman in the Beggars’ Sect. There is a hint of girlish naughty in the woman’s delicate and mature temperament, and her eyes full of aura are even more beautiful. Except for the little dragon girl, everyone is the first belle, and even Cheng Ying has some gaps in this belle.

Looking back again, I saw two men, one woman and three teenagers walking behind the couple. There are many similarities in their foreheads, but they are brothers. One is stable and generous, and the other is flexible and versatile. Young talents are rare. The girl walking among the two men actually has a graceful posture.

Outside the banned power, everyone knows that even if the king of God touched the ban in the heyday, he might not be able to get away with it, but in front of this Yanglingtian,

Is he already higher than the King of God? Everyone was quiet in instant horror. Bai Ling didn’t realize that all the ghosts and monsters were surprised. The key point was that they nodded somberly. "You seniors should know that the dark night and I were born because of praying for the gods. Although Bai

Please warm my heart …

Please speak to me softly and call my name … Please let me see the light. Please give me the strength to bravely break through and create a vivid past one after another, and then I will reach the real world. Never indulge in dreams. There is no game for her here. …… "Ah–" Who’s

What women are most afraid of is that men look at her because of her beauty, and I have always refused to walk in the Jianghu for fear of being entangled by people who judge by appearances.

I am embarrassed to scratch my head. "Sorry for making a mistake. This is still a mask. It is the true face." "Yan Er, how much more shock do you want to give me?" Bai Xihuang became cross-eyed with surprise. I quickly wet the mask with the spring water and tore it off. This time,

One side of the unicorn suddenly inserted, "It’s not impossible."

What way? Chloe looked up at Luoluo doubtfully. Luo Luo looked at The Hunger Fengluo. "Do you remember the agreement with Tiannv Jingxuan in The Hunger Temple three thousand years ago? At that time, you were also prepared to ask Jing Xuan to give up the whole day so that you could stay immortal in

At the end of the countdown, forgetting the dust seems to be a decision. He put himself on guard and turned against Chennan. He knew that he had succeeded, but at the first fall, he let his guard down and forgot the dust and suddenly broke away. He instantly killed the inverse Chennan with a knife.

"I think you want to die." Inverse Chennan flew into a rage without saying anything to meet him, but just as he was touching the dust, suddenly a figure flashed, and the blood of the inverse Chennan body splashed out. "Leaf injury" inverse Chennan never thought that leaf injury was out of his bind. "You’re

Although Jinyang’s discourse is low, it implies that the magical power is the secret name of "Shake the God Lu Yin" in the flood period. Zhu Rong, the ancient god of fire in the flood, cultivated in the Yandi clan when he was young and was endowed with this secret method.

Jinyang’s strength has been steadily high recently, and Zhu Rong’s residual memory has slowly recovered. Not long ago, when the Jade Emperor confronted each other in Lingxiao Hall, he was forced to play beyond the level because of his strength, and two magic soldiers barely managed to stalemate the Jade Emperor. However, every cloud has


[Golden Pupil] After upgrading to the second level, you can see the attributes of non-team players, but the attributes are limited, and what attributes you can see are still random. However, this does not prevent Changsheng from projecting 【 Golden Pupil 】 onto Paven. Sure enough, it’s random. At first glance, he saw such attributes

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