The goddess Su Wan actually sneaked back? Nobody knows? Just like to confirm this matter, someone directly released the photos of Su, Wan and Zou Yi having dinner together that night. [I don’t know where Deanes is said in the post, hhh. Anyway, I saw the truth that Su Wan and Zou Yi had dinner


天机看着那道门此刻林屹打门疑是对他嘲讽门虽然打他也没那个命走出去了 但是天机不甘心就这样死去还有许多重要事等着他解决等着他安排呢 天机脸漾起苦痛地笑他道“林屹还记得那日山村屋外飞雪飘屋我们煮酒促膝谈心吗……” 林屹冷道“现不要和我论旧情你是自孽不可活!你杀令天机宫门徒三番五次暗算我和曾腾云我还让那个猎给你捎话说要你罢手我就既往不咎如果执迷不悟我就杀了你!结果你真就执迷不悟!你是智者但是这次真是愚蠢极你让我很愤怒也很失望!” 听了林屹这话天机一脸惊诧他道“我从未收到你捎话!” 也不知是天机真未收到面话还是此刻保命装傻充愣 林屹淡道“收没收到不重要了人将死言也善你临死前是不是应该告诉我你要对我杀令?难道就了碧眼狐王吗?” 天机听了这话一震从林屹话意里他听出林屹已知道了他和碧眼狐王了 林屹道“我已知道碧眼狐王是你师弟我还知道凌孽实是被你算计他看似死黄金九佛手实是死你手你是借刀杀人” 天机看着林屹道“我白了你实对凌孽死耿耿于怀” 林屹也不否认林屹道“毕竟他是我师兄现你应该告诉我你要杀我?我不相信你是你师弟报仇” The cat said, "If I say it, will you cut me some slack?" Lin Yi shrugged his shoulders and said, "That depends on my mood. There is still some hope if you say less." The cat weighed it in his heart and said, "Well,

Grade 999

Blood volume 100 million Xinrui Gru is a semi-orc Gru shaman with semi-divine strength, not only strong in melee, but also with some special skills and wisdom to develop some special things! A demigod is a good cow. Even the giant polyhedron king is not a bit worse than him. In this case, boss wants

Being rich and arrogant is self-blaming.

After work, I retired from heaven Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 10 Can you leave the camp with a hug? Dedicated qi can make you soft as a baby. Can you get rid of the mystery? Can patriotism govern the people Can Tianmen be a woman? Baisi Danone Zhihu Lao: Tao Te Ching: Chapter 11

After Ye dumped his bag, he naturally made a delay. He jumped to the edge of the platform and took a look at it. He just saw Ji Xiaofeng and Jiangnan Kun taking the lead in rushing out of the defender base. He immediately retreated and said to Dong Laoer and Meteor, "They are coming from the defender base."

Dong Laoer immediately flashed out and took a look at Ji Xiaofeng. A few rounds of ammunition scared him back and then directly retreated to the platform. When the meteor saw Dong Laoer, he naturally followed him back. Without Dong Laoer’s cover, he dared not stay alone on the slope. "Second, don’t go away, just

Xiao asked otherwise, "I don’t know if I have to wait until the year of the monkey. Alas, although I am singing the sword Sect now, I really despise the way of doing things like twenty-seven cases and five giants!"

"It’s better than no hope" Zhou Jie wry smile way. At this time, you can see that Zhou Jie and Xiao Wen have different verve. It’s only been more than two years. Xiao Wen has even dared to scold Zhou Jie in the dark, but he still can’t afford to resist such high roots as

Lu Chongyun said, "Which three?"

The cloud says, "First, the elite talents of this society, second, the economy and wealth of this society, and third, the excellent resources of this society. Your problem must lie in one of these three aspects or you have not solved all three problems." Lu Chongyun looked at her with some surprise. "Is there anything

The fusion of soul and soul made her truly feel that Ji was tempted and sad for the first time. In Ji Dong’s soul, she could never feel anything except that she was extremely sad, desolate and dead. She could vaguely see the flame in Ji Dong’s soul.

People’s language may be able to lie, but after the soul is integrated, it is not a fake at all. How can we not let Chen Sixuan burst into tears at this moment? However, Ji’s sense of movement is influenced by Chen Sixuan’s soul, but it is in another state or the opposite state to

"So … is he okay?" Ida’s mood is a little complicated. It’s a contradiction that she doesn’t want Xia Shuqing’s temper to make momo difficult and she doesn’t want Xia Shuqing to feel better.

"I hope so." Mo Xiaoyan casually said that he went to pick up the video remote control and sat down on the sofa to change channels. Ida heard that he was not sure, and she was afraid that Xia Shuqing would be unhappy and get angry so that momo would have to go to him.

Moqing metal gray face without long sleeves rolled over and pulled Yang Muyu and flew to Sunny Yaocheng. The ghost servant was busy covering the earth grave and hurried to follow.

Yang Muyu regrets that he shouldn’t have dragged him back to Yuehua Palace to dig the grave and soak in the bath for more than half an hour. He changed into clean clothes and honestly threw the clothes, medicine shovel and deerskin gloves to Li San and told him to burn them. Then he came

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