Gu Xiaoyue said, "Do you think I will watch the cucumber die at the hands of Hong Wu?"

Queen Dove frowned. "But it is very difficult for us to support now because we are on Fadeng Island." Gu Xiaoyue smiled, "We can’t land on the island, but our allies can." As she spoke, she turned to Michelle. "Little moxa will trouble you this time." Xiaojia nodded silently. "Sister Gu, I know what to

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help pounding in her heart. She hasn’t experienced that kind of thing, but she is also curious. In that case, can she have a baby? She has not tried and no one has told her about this knowledge.

"Ice ice what are you thinking? If you don’t go, I’ll go. "Snow Emperor’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. She doesn’t know what Ice Emperor is thinking, as if she has something on her mind. "Don’t go to the Lord. Now it’s estimated that it’s there." Ice Emperor Jiao said that he quickly took the hand

After Ye dumped his bag, he naturally made a delay. He jumped to the edge of the platform and took a look at it. He just saw Ji Xiaofeng and Jiangnan Kun taking the lead in rushing out of the defender base. He immediately retreated and said to Dong Laoer and Meteor, "They are coming from the defender base."

Dong Laoer immediately flashed out and took a look at Ji Xiaofeng. A few rounds of ammunition scared him back and then directly retreated to the platform. When the meteor saw Dong Laoer, he naturally followed him back. Without Dong Laoer’s cover, he dared not stay alone on the slope. "Second, don’t go away, just

"Hum eggshell to die!"

The soldier is going to use the assassination swordsmanship immediately with a cold hum. The assassination swordsmanship not only has high attack power, but also is a special skill to restrain wizards. It can directly attack wizards through eggshells. However, the soldier just shouted the word "assassination" and saw a ring of fire coming at

"Alas … lonely!" Violet sighed and paused for a while, then took a step towards the dragon’s shadow nest in the distance.

Of course, he didn’t go to the vice, but there was a gossip that there was a guild fighting a 55-level Lord bss. I heard that Violet was very busy. Naturally, he went to play the gold-exploring hand. Speaking of it, he also touched a team’s 5-level bss conveniently, but it didn’t look like anything.

Sword flying snow suddenly smiled "Xiaoyan, I can say that your appetite is too big."

Yan Yuhua City retorted, "This is not impossible. Gu Xiaoyue, a woman who can’t control Hu Weiwei’s thousand generations, may not be able to make Lin Yin obedient." Sword flying snow light way "root, no one can really control the two of them" Yan Yuhua said, "Because the new century and Golden Eagle Club are

Xiao asked otherwise, "I don’t know if I have to wait until the year of the monkey. Alas, although I am singing the sword Sect now, I really despise the way of doing things like twenty-seven cases and five giants!"

"It’s better than no hope" Zhou Jie wry smile way. At this time, you can see that Zhou Jie and Xiao Wen have different verve. It’s only been more than two years. Xiao Wen has even dared to scold Zhou Jie in the dark, but he still can’t afford to resist such high roots as

"Well, see you later." Maple finished sneaking out of the alley.

There are all kinds of tents and totems everywhere in the Centaur camp. The average height of those tents is about 1 meter. After all, Centaur is very tall. After carefully exploring for a while, Feng finally saw two centaurs wearing heavy armor and Tong immediately showed their attributes. ———————————————————————— Centaur warrior Overview of ability

Hai Kui is ashamed. Are you abducting women or entering the palace in a draft? Ask the driver who is squatting on the ground, "Aren’t you going to sell her to someone else as a daughter-in-law? Why should you check these?"

The driver endured the pain and dared not answer; "Because she is so beautiful, if she is still a virgin, the price is almost sky-high." I see. Haikui slapped the driver on the head and "give me all my money." The driver nai "didn’t expect to be planted in your hands" muttered and took out

As the rain increased, a strong wind soon blew on the top of the mountain, which was the cold wind brought when I saw the female ghost in red in the mountain the day before, and this time the wind came from all directions and seemed to be drilling towards that well.

Mad Dog Dragon secretly started "Survival of the Jedi" again. This time, it is very clear that several white women in the ghost’s vision are gathering at the wellhead, and every shadow is sucked in by the ancient well. Mad Dog Dragon believes that Master Pear’s magic mirror is surrounded by terrible female ghosts in

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